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“McNeil takes its responsibility to protect the environment and preserve natural resources very seriously. We are committed to continuously improving our environmental management efforts.

The ChemFree (ELECTROchem) Water Treatment System significantly reduced energy consumption and water usage and the overall operating costs of the cooling tower. It’s an ideal example of strong environmental practices making sound business sense.”

Emerging Technology Yields Environmental Benefits and Cost Savings Without the Headache

mcneilMcNeil Consumer & Specialty Pharmaceuticals (McNeil) demonstrates that an emerging technology for chemical-free electrostatic water treatment provides solid performance while achieving significant environmental benefits and cost savings.

McNeil, which is headquartered on a 113-acre campus in Fort Washington, is part of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies and is best known as “the Makers of Tylenol.” McNeil’s portfolio also includes Motrin, Mylanta and Pepcid. As part of its efforts to reduce chemical hazards, McNeil assembled a team of engineers and utilities employees to identify ways to reduce or eliminate the use of sulfuric acid and other water treatment chemicals in its cooling towers, while maintaining an acceptable level of performance. After two unsuccessful trials, McNeil’s Environmental Engineer attended a seminar touting an emerging water treatment technology that eliminated almost all chemical usage in cooling towers while reducing water and energy usage. Seeing the potential in this largely unproven technology, McNeil decided to conduct a long-term pilot test in one of its six cooling towers. At the end of the one-year pilot test, the ChemFree Electrostatic Water Treatment System showed many advantages over the traditional chemical treatmentmethods including:

  • Eliminated use of sulfuric acid, sodium hypochlorite and corrosion inhibitors;
  • Reduced labor costs realized due to the elimination of chemical addition activities and reduced testing/monitoring of water quality;
  • Reduced maintenance costs and increased equipment life; and
  • Reduced amount of energy required to operate the cooling tower.

Due to the resounding success of the ChemFree System and its positive environmental impact, McNeil Management is considering the recommendation to convert the remaining five cooling towers to the ChemFree Electrostatic Water Treatment System.

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