Asked Questions

How will the unit result in 24-36 months Return on Investment?

By providing a technology that will improve chiller performance by improving thermo transfer in the chiller condenser heat exchangers.

What type of process data is needed to be able to quantify the energy and water savings?

Base year water consumption, by month, of make-up water to towers and bleed usage, if available, and base year tonnage, by month, if available.

How long will the installment and start-up take?

Installation will take 1-2 days and no shutdown is necessary.

The web site states that you will improve the performance of the chemicals. How does that work?

We consume 20-25% less make-up water, plus we keep chemicals in solution much longer. Hence, much less chemical required.

I have read that your technology can de-scale our chiller and prevent further scaling in the future. How does this work and how long does it take?

Our technology collapses laminar boundaries which de-scales and improves thermo transfer in 60-90 days.

Our maintenance personnel are stretched thin. Can you offer a maintenance contract for your system and what is the typical cost?

We offer quarterly visits. There is no day-to-day maintenance to our system because there is no media required.

What are the direct system variables that effect the ROI?

Load changes, temperature changes and chemical provider’s ability to control bio slime.

Who are your competitors and why are you better?

Sand filters, bag filters and cartridges – all high maintenance and all use water to backwash.

I understand that you have both low and high voltage electrodes. How do your electrodes work to clean our system?

Low voltage is used to eliminate TSS (90-95% down to one micron) and high voltage is used to control TDS and break down laminar boundaries (see EHD paper).

Why do our sand filters plug so frequently and cause such high level of maintenance?

Sand filters grow bio sludge, plug with TSS and require backwash water use, high maintenance and high water use.  They do not remove the 1-5 microns (bulk of TSS in the open loop).  Old technology in a new age!

Will your system allow us to remove our high maintenance sand filters?

ElectroCell is designed to replace all side-stream condenser filters.