Our Technology

Our system was developed to eliminate 95% of all Total Suspended Solids (TSS) down to one micron, thereby improving thermo transfer and minimizing the risk of bio growth, including legionella.

Our system also address Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) – keeping clean surfaces clean and removing fouling, if present, by disrupting laminar boundaries and increasing thermo transfer.  Our dual technology is a one-two punch advantage in keeping circulating systems ultra-clean and efficient.

We manufacture a side stream modular skid that removes 95% of suspended solids down to 1 micro – and at the same time control disolves solids up til Bled.

Fast & Easy Installation

system diagram

 Pipe sizes will vary with tonnage capacity

 Condenser Open Loop Chilled Water Closed Loop 
Piping:Inlet: One – Sch-80 PVCInlet: One – Sch-80 PVC
Outlet: One – Sch-80 PVCOutlet: One – Sch-80 PVC
Drain: One – Sch-80 PVCDrain: One – Sch-80 PVC
Option: Mild steel or copper piping may be usedNOTE:Piping and skid must be
One 3-Phase 20-Amp Circuit

Electrical:One 3-Phase 20-Amp Circuit

Ec-3000 Particle Precipitator Water Filtration Skid

Particle Precipitator Water Filtration Skid

ELECTROCELL’s Particle Precipitator is a side-stream technology applied to open/closed loops in chilled water systems.

Pipe sizes will vary with tonnage capacity.  We typically suggest Sch-80 PVC for the inlet, outlet and drain.