The Benefits of ElectroCell System

ElectroCell Systems utilize patented electrostatic electrodes probes for enhanced control of suspended and dissolved solids.

How It Works

how-it-worksThe air conditioning and refrigeration industry has been increasing the efficiency of its equipment dramatically. One of the biggest contributors to these efficiency gains in the past has been the modification of heat exchangers.

The application of a radically new method to increase heat transfer efficiency, called the electrohydrodynamic (EHD) technique, has been highly effective for the enhancement of water treatment systems. EHD works by directly inserting a high-voltage electrostatic electrode into a heat transfer fluid, such as chilled and condensing water used in HVAC systems.

Our electrostatic electrodes (probes) neutralize the particles and keep them in suspension until they are bled out. The probes disrupt laminar boundary layers – water surface tension is reduced and thermo transfer is increased. Existing scale that formed in boundary layers is eventually removed over time.

System Benefits

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