Advantages of an ELECTROCELL System

Over 40 Years of HVAC experience with patented technology

  • Enhances current chemical program

  • Documented 15-20% reduction in condenser loop make up water

  • Documented increased energy efficiency due to more efficient thermo transfer

  • Increased life cycles on equipment and reduction in maintenance costs

  • Fast ROI – 24-36 months with installation

  • Startup and 1st year service included in cost

  • Particle size analysis by 3rd Party Laboratory

  • Monitoring of water/energy use and equipment efficiencies (chillers and cooling towers)

  • DDC monitoring of system with alarms

  • Two-year warranty on all ELECTROCELL equipment provided

  • Ongoing continuous new technology available

At customer’s request an ELECTROCELL local licensed representative will conduct a no cost survey of your water treatment mechanical equipment. If our technology is a fit for your building’s water treatment needs we will prepare a proposal for your consideration that will include both cost and projected savings to be realized.

ELECTROCELL’s proposal will be a turn-key submission that includes design, manufacturing, installation, start-up, training and one year service. Our system is a totally automated skid-mount side-stream high tech water treatment system that addresses total dissolved and suspended solids. Each system comes with a touch screen display that can be interfaced with your building automation system. The display provides you with all the necessary information pertaining to your water treatment system such as conductivity, flow totalizers on filter, bleed and make-up, evaporation rates and alarms – control of TDS and TSS. ELECTROCELL works with your local existing chemical company to assure peak performance in your water treatment system.

Each system is custom designed and proudly built in the United States.

Water Savings

Reduce make-up water by 20-30% by increasing equipment efficiency, focusing on evaporation rates rather than extending bleed cycles

Enchance Chemicals

Optimize chemical performance by removing 95% of suspended solids down to one micron and controlling total dissolved solids throughout the system

Maintenance Savings

A clean system will reduce much of the equipment maintenance and extend equipment life cycles

Better Payback

Validated ROI of 24-36 months, plus continuous year-after-year savings

Energy Savings

Increasing thermo transfer and system efficiency will net an average energy savings of 12-15%

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Energy and water savings plus enhancing the chemical effectiveness will significantly impact environmental sustainability

Typical Savings

of 10-12% in Energy and 15-20% in Water Use in Condenser Open Loop Applications

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Savings Advantages

  • Removal of 95% of suspended solids down to one micron and controlling total dissolved solids
  • Enhances existing chemical program
  • 12-15% energy savings
  • 20-30% make-up water savings
  • Increased equipment life cycles
  • Decreased maintenance
  • ROI between 24-30 months
  • Two year warranty on ElectroCell system
  • Fully automated with PLC

Statistical Reports

Water Savings Report

Particle Analysis Report

Energy Savings Report

Projected Savings Calculations

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ElectroCell Systems Approach to Water and Energy Savings

ELECTROCELL’s Water/Energy Savings Approach

To provide a healthy, clean condenser/evaporative system is our primary goal. A clean heat exchanger will save water and energy, as well as extend equipment life cycles.

ELECTROCELL concentrates on total suspended solids removal and control of total dissolved solids

Our technology improves thermal transfer in the condenser and evaporative heat exchangers. This will utilize each chiller to its optimal efficiency thereby saving energy. In turn, the cooling towers are a slave to the chiller heat load and abilities to transfer temperature through their exchangers. This is where water savings are achieved.

By removing suspended solids and controlling dissolved solids ELECTROCELL has been successful in reducing large percentages of make-up water to the cooling towers and energy needed to operate chillers. Unlike most side-stream filters ELECTROCELL’s system uses no media and requires no backwash or continuous maintenance.

ELECTROCELL’s philosophy is to concentrate on evaporation rates rather than trying to extend bleed cycles. Make-up water to your cooling towers is divided into evaporation (75%) and bleed (25%). Bleed cycles are a necessary evil to rid the system of dissolved minerals (scale). Pushing or extending bleed cycles is risky business and will cost energy in the long run. Remember, bleed makes up only 25% of a towers usage in most cases.

ELECTROCELL removes 95% of suspended solids down to one micron, which greatly increases the condenser water’s thermal transfer rate, and also manages dissolved solids that may produce fouling (scale). ELECTROCELL monitors chillers approach temperatures which will verify our system’s effectiveness in keeping exchanger tubes clean. ELECTROCELL monitors and logs
monthly make-up and bleed usages.

ELECTROCELL concentrates on evaporation rate needed – 75% of your system’s usage.

ELECTROCELL’s water savings have never been the result of increased bleed cycles Our success is in direct proportion to the improvement in equipment efficiencies.

ELECTROCELL has been servicing Fortune 500 companies since 1997. ROI is between two and three years

Typical installation

10-15% energy savings
20+% make-up water savings

Our system is a central treatment skid with PLC that requires a simple installation (2-3 days).

Condenser Loop

  • One PVC Inlet
  • One PVC Outlet
  • One PVC Drain
  • One 20A Circuit

Evap Loop

  • One PVC Inlet
  • One PVC Outlet
  • One PVC Drain
  • One 20A Circuit

Pipe sizes will vary with tonnage capacity.

ELECTROCELL can work with existing chemical suppliers to enhance your chemical program.