Major Utilities Company

(Philadelphia, PA)

Estimated Annual Savings:



  • Two 700-ton chillers
  • One 800-ton chiller
  • One 400-ton chiller
  • Two Heat Exchangers


< Two Years


April 2011

ELECTROchem Equipment Installed:

One Ec-6000 skid-mounted water treatment system consisting of a circulating pump, side-stream particle precipitator, PLC, bio cell, corrosion coupon rack, solid chemical inhibitor dispensing board, conductivity meter, make-up and bleed flow totalizers and PSI transducer.  An electrostatic electrode was installed on both the evap and condenser inlets to each chiller, as well as one on the inlet to each heat exchanger.  ELECTROchem also installed a 3-stage closed loop filter.


As part of PECO’s’ LEED initiatives they selected ELECTROchem to reduce their energy and water use, as well as reduce their need for chemicals.  A 29-story office building located in downtown Philadelphia, this is ELECTROchem’s third system installation for the PECO organization.  ELECTROchem’s installed system is designed to save a minimum of 10% on chiller energy and 20% on make-up water to the towers.  The sytsem will also eliminate90-95% of the chemicals used in a traditional chemical system.

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