Optimizing water, energy, and chemical performance to give you an overall improvement in the quality of water for chillers, cooling towers, and boilers.

We replace traditional filters with a custom-designed, state-of-the-art automated side-stream particle precipitator system that increases the efficiency and reliability of open and closed loop water systems in commercial, industrial, and institutional HVAC facilities.

ElectroCell System Benefits

Traditional filters waste water, allow bacteria to multiply, and are rarely able to deliver high-quality water required to perform at a cleaner, greener standard.

Traditional filters have a difficult time keeping up with the volume of the material the tower sucks in, requiring extensive backwash, wasting both water and chemicals

A 1,000-ton cooling tower ingests 3,000 lbs of dirt, silt, sand, bugs, pollen, and organic material (ASHRAE Standard)

Fouling factors:

TSS: Total Suspended Solids - Cooling Tower Particles: Dirt, Pollen, Bugs, Hydrocarbons

TDS: Total Dissolved Solids - Scale - Calcium Magnesium Carbonate

Biological slime (legionella)


Traditional filters allow the buildup of scale, corrosion, bio slime, and create a thermal barrier

ROI begins on day one.

We remove 98-99% of TSS down to one micron

We improve thermal transfer via collapse laminar boundary (straight, ordered flow with a parabolic profile)

Our Solutions

OPEN LOOP: Condenser Side Stream Modular Skid (fully automated)

CLOSED LOOP: Chilled Water Loop (evap) & Side Stream Modular Skid

CLOSED LOOP: Hot Water Loop & Side Stream Modular Skid

STEAM BOILER: Feed Water In-line & Modular Skid

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Twenty years of successful installations in Pharma, Healthcare, Automotive Manufacturing, Data Centers, Corporate and College Campuses.

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We know what you might be thinking.

It’s too good to be true

We’ll cause added stress for you (more time)

We’re too costly

We eliminate chemicals altogether

Change/risk averse

Your system works “well enough.”

Let’s set things straight…

Our solution is not too good to be true & the proof is in the baseline data from third party particle analysis

We address your chiller cooling tower and boiler operation problems by removing scale corrosion and biofilm

Most systems are not performing at peak levels costing you unnecessary expense and problems

We don’t eliminate chemicals…we just help improve efficiency and give chemical contractors a cleaner, greener system

Change is not always easy, but consider the alternative…

Electrocell provides increased performance and effectiveness while reducing cost and inefficiencies.

We make your team’s job significantly easier with an easy-to-implement system that reduces maintenance and manual work, while simultaneously satisfying the engineering standards and exceeding the expectations of executives with water, energy, and cost-savings.

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