EC Systems

Questions And Answers

Who is a potential customer?

All water cooled chillers over 500 tons – Data Centers, Healthcare Office Buildings, Educational Facilities, Campus’ with central chiller/boiler plants, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Utilities, Hospitality, Casinos etc.

What is the difference between EC Tech versus sand filters or separators?

EC Tech uses no media to filter, such as sand. We remove down to one micron. Most customers avoid side-stream filters because of maintenance and water usage. EC Tech is a high tech management tool.

Why should a customer be interested in this technology?

All cooling towers are air scrubbers that intake several tons of suspended solids per year. 25 micron and up are too heavy to stay in solution and settle in the tower basins and need to be physically removed annually. The 1-10 micron particles, however, stay in solution and accumulate over time. These particles foul the entire condenser loop, which affects the chiller’s efficiency. Other filters do not touch the 1-5 micron ranges, which is the vast majority of particle counts. Our system utilizes electrodes to precipitate, not media, to filter. Our system requires no backwash to clean itself.

How will we know if the customer is saving?

Our system calculates make-up, bleed and evaporation rates. We normalize for load and cooling degree days with the base year (12 months prior to installation). We also monitor chiller approach temperatures to ensure equipment efficiencies and utility savings.

What kind of margin can I mark this equipment up?

This will vary with equipment size (tonnage) and utility rates – the larger the system, the larger the mark-up. Figure 25-40% starting with 500-tons and up.

Can we make money on annual service agreements?

Yes. You can offer remote supervision plus monthly visits.

What can go wrong on the system?

There is one circulating pump with VFD, a processor, conductivity meter, flow meters, PSI sensors and electrodes on our system. Our system is easy to troubleshoot. All systems have a two-year warranty on all parts.

Do we need to know anything about control systems?

No. EC Tech will fully train sales and service staff.

Will your system work with both chilled water and hot water closed loops?

Yes. We provide systems other than condenser open loops to cooling towers that address these applications.

How old is your longest operating system in service?

15 years – see reference list

Do you have specs for new construction?


Will we receive training on sales? Application? Service?

Yes. You will receive a Licensed Resellers Agreement with full training.

Why should we consider selling this product?

We approached management of total suspended solids (TSS) and total dissolved solids (TDS) from a controls standpoint. This product has proven itself year-after-year in many Fortune 500 companies. Our system is modular and totally automated – a perfect fit for any service company wishing to offer their customer base additional utility savings and services with good margins.

Will this system remove existing scale?

Yes. It takes several months, but our technology will clean the entire condenser line.

What will the chemical industry say about our technology?

All chemical companies realize that TSS are the enemy of an efficient treatment system. With traditional side-stream filtration come high maintenance and high backwash water use, plus they do not remove the majority of 1-10 micron particles. Their chemicals work much better when TSS are under control, and EC Tech provides that technology. We do enhance the chemical company’s ability to control both corrosion and biological growth.

What do these systems cost?

$40-$50 per ton with mark-up of 25-40%. ROI between 18-30 months for typical 500 – 10,000 ton applications.

Do you perform before and after particle analyses?

Yes. EC Tech utilizes a third party to conduct light scattering particle analysis.