World-Wide  Brewing Company

(Merrimack, NH)

Facility Profile: Brewing Company
Equipment Served:6,000-ton Ammonia Process Chiller
Eight Tube Bundle Exchangers
Ec System Installed:November 2012

Annual Make-Up Water Comparison

Base Year (2012):9,159,861 Gallons
EC Controlled Year (2013):7,421,577 Gallons
1st Year Water Savings:1,738,284 Gallons (see note)

Production Energy Comparison

Base Year (2012):5.29 kwh per Barrel
EC Controlled Year (2013):4.89 kwh per Barrel
1st Year kwh Savings:0.4 kwh per Barrel

Particle Counts (1-5 micron)

Base Year (2012):6,139,460 ppm
Controlled Year (2013):141,740 ppm
1st Year Particle Reduction:5,997,720 ppm

Existing Side-Stream Filtering:None

First Year Savings Summary

% Water Saved:


% kwh Saved:


% Particle Reduction:



29 Months

Note: All water and energy savings are load and cooling degree day adjusted

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