Chemical Suppliers Benefits

As an ElectroCell Systems Licensed Contractor or Sales Representative

What are some of the concerns the Chemical Industry has about ElectroCell Systems technology and approach to Water Treatment?

Historically, there have been several Non-Chemical  attempts to address the proper control and safe management of water treatment for HVAC Systems. In some cases, the Technology introduced ended up with less than desirable results which made the entire Industry skeptical of any new, non-chemical approach to improving the increased function and efficiency of Water Treatment.  ElectroCell Systems has over 17 years has refined and developed a system that enhances and improves the overall efficiency of Water Treatment  for multiple industries.

With that in mind, ElectroCell Systems approach is not intended to replace, substitute, or interfere with any existing relationship with a Chemical Supplier and their Customers or Associations.  Our intention is to work in cooperation, to achieve a mutual interest in benefiting all parties that have a common goal of enriching, enhancing the of the overall operation of the Water Treatment for individual organizations and facilities.

ElectroCell Systems believes that working together, by providing a new Technology, Equipment and Service, will be a plus positive for all parties involved.

Who are your best potential customers for ElectroCell Systems?

Most water cooled chillers over 500 tons – Data Centers, Healthcare Office Buildings, Educational Facilities Campus with central chiller/boiler plants, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Utilities, Hospitality, Casinos etc.

What is the difference between ElectroCell versus sand filters or separators?

ElectroCell  uses no media to filter, such as sand.  We remove down to one micron.  Most customers avoid side-stream filters because of maintenance and water usage.  ElectroCell is a high tech economical alternative.

Why should a customer be interested in this technology?

Most chemical suppliers realize that, total suspended solids (TSS) are the enemy of an efficient water treatment system.  With traditional side-stream filtration comes a high degree of maintenance and costly backwash water use, plus they do not remove particulates of 1-10 micron particles. Chemicals tend to work much better when TSS are under control, and ElectroCell provides that technology which improve the Chemical Supplier’s ability to control scale, corrosion and biological growth.

The net results for the end user of ElectroCell Systems is the reduced overall cost of operation and ownership of the HVAC equipment.  Energy Savings from 12 – 15%, reduce make water by 20-30%, through greater efficiency of heat exchangers and reduced evaporation, greatly reduce the necessity for routine maintenance, service and repairs

What are the revenue and profits streams available as an ElectroCell Licensed Contractor or Sales Representative?

As a Licensed Contractor you can an average of 30 to 40% gross margins on the sale of the Equipment with the additional revenue from Installations, Service Agreements and Replacement Parts.

Will we receive training on sales? Installation? Service?

ElectroCell Systems will provide initial as well as ongoing training and technical support throughout the entire process of Sales, Installation and Service Agreements.

Why should we consider selling this product?

ElectroCell Systems has approached management of total suspended solids (TSS) and total dissolved solids (TDS) from a controls standpoint.  This product has proven itself year-after-year in many Fortune 500 companies.  Our system is modular and totally automated – a perfect fit for any service company wishing to offer their customer additional utility savings and services with good margins.

Will this ElectroCell Systems remove existing scale?

On average the existing scale that had formed over time will be removed through the collapse of the Laminar Boundary in the system.  The scale will be removed on an average of two to three months, our technology will clean the entire condenser line, reversing years of build up and contamination.  In addition to the removal of existing scale, ElectroCell Systems will prevent the future buildup of deposits.

What do does ElectroCell Systems cost?

$40-$50 per ton with mark-up of 25-40%.  ROI between 18-30 months for typical 500 – 10,000 ton applications.

Do you perform before and after system quality evaluations and particle analyses?

ElectroCell Systems utilizes a third party to conduct light scattering particle analysis. There will be a complete comparison of Water and Energy Consumption before and after installation.   In addition ElectroCell Systems, will provide ongoing capabilities for the Contractor and the Facilities Management to monitor the effectives of entire operation through an interactive PLC, that can be tied in to the Building’s Automation System.

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